Live Chat Benefits

Live Chat Software companies are quick to talk about the features of their product, but what about the benefits?  There’s a distinct difference between the two, and a benefit typically answers the “what’s in it for me?” question.

In a word, profit.

Done right, live chat improves the customer experience in ways that spike conversion rates and increases average order values.  In fact, over half of online shoppers said they would spend more online if live chat were available.

Customers have come to expect real-time support, and live chat delivers in a cost-effective way.  Toward the ultimate goal of driving more profit, live chat:

1. Saves time.  It’s quicker to handle inquiries online than via email or over the phone.

2. Saves money.  Live chat software is low-cost and high return.  Plus, agents can handle multiple conversations at once, so you may be able to reduce staffing costs — or even outsource the operation entirely.

3. Saves face.  Having a live chat option available on your website gives it instant credibility.  No longer are you a nameless, faceless virtual company, but a caring resource with people standing by to help.  Even when you’re offline, live chat gives a boost to visitor confidence, and that can make all the difference.

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